Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tips to get your online resume noticed
Job portals are one of the easiest, most convenient and also the most economical ways of going about a job search; but to make sure your search is successful there are some must-dos you need to follow.

You sign up for a web portal and then sit back – waiting for a deluge of jobs to appear in your mailbox… Three months later, you have only those first few, that appeared in week one of your signing up. You wonder if the portal is just a gimmick and begin to lose hope. Sounds familiar?

Well here are some handy tips to get your online resume to work for you. Yes, you need to do more than just fill in a few fields and wait, if you are seriously interested in landing a job. Job portals are one of the easiest, most convenient and most economical ways of going about a job search; but to crack it you must know the nuances of doing your search right. (Also read: 6 deadly job search traps) Here are some important must-dos you need to follow.

Completing your profile
The first time you log in, you possibly create only 60% or less of your profile. It is advisable that you complete your profile 100% and this means completing all given fields, the earliest possible. Many job search engines have a matching based technology, which match your profile with the recruiter’s desired profile and accordingly throw back results to the recruiter. A completed profile therefore has a better chance of getting short-listed, as there are more fields available to be matched. It may seem like a tedious task completing the forms of any portal, but remember it is well worth it.

Use of keywords
Recruiters/companies find candidates online by searching certain key words as relevant to their job requirement. Example if they need a content writer some of the keyword matches could be content writing, edit, CMS, etc. If a web designer is needed, words like html, dreamweaver, creative, may be key. This means functional skills and of course designation, relevant qualifications and number of years of experience, are all very important key words. It is therefore imperative that your profile as well as the resume you upload mentions these keywords as relevant to your desired job profile. (Also read: Using the right keywords)

Regular update of your profile
Remember - creating your profile is the first step, not the last! Once you have created and completed your profile, interspersed with relevant keywords; it is important that you regularly log in to your created profile. Once you log in you can tweak it or make some minor changes and so also keep it updated it. However logging into your profile at least once a week, is a key element as this insures that your resume remains amongst the active resumes and so takes precedence in search. This means if a recruiter is searching for say an HR manager and you fit the bill – along with possibly another 40 candidates; but you have recently logged in to your profile, then your resume will be amongst the top few searches of the 40 candidates eligible for this position.

Hence if you are on a serious job search it is important to keep logging in to your profile regularly. Finally do insure that when your resume does get noticed it has the right contact information. (Also read: 4 steps to the right resume format)

Make sure all contact details are updated. Your phone number should be one on which you are easily accessible. Always prefix details of STD code in case it is a landline number; and it goes without saying never ever give your workplace landline number or official email ID. Your email ID should be a personal one and again one which you access regularly.

These handy tips when implemented will insure your online resume gets noticed and followed up too. Get ready for the phone to start ringing!

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