Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Useful Websites for All
Students prefer to have detailed information on institutes or organisations for admissions/ jobs before applying them. Internet has become a source for students to get knowledge online. Nowadays, many students prefer online learning as a better alternative because they can easily focus on things they want to learn. So, check out some of the most comprehensive—and reliable—educational, national institutes, govt. organisations websites which would be useful for students and job aspirants. 
  1. Academics 
  2. Aviation 
  3. Banking 
  4. Civil - Services 
  5. Defence
  6. Engineering
  7. Finance
  8. Hospitality
  9. IT
  10. Law
  11. Library Science
  12. Management
  13. Media
  14. Medicine 
  15. Railways 
  16. Retail
  17. Science
  18. Science-IPR/PATENTS
  19. Self Entrepreneurship
  20. Pharmacy
  21. Jobs

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