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NASSCOM Assessment of Competence-Technology(NAC-Tech)
An industry standard assessment for creating 'assessed and benchmarked' quality talent pool of IT / Engineering students
  1. About NAC-Tech

  2. Conceptualization of NAC-Tech

  3. Key Features of NAC-Tech

  4. NAC-Tech Test Matrix

  5. Key Benefits To Various Stakeholders

  6. Employment Facilitation for NAC-Tech Test Takers

  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  8. NAC-Tech Infrastructure Requirements

  9. Contact NASSCOM

  10. Official Vendors For NAC-Tech

  11. Request For Conducting NAC-Tech

  12. Access NAC-Tech Sample Paper


NAC-Tech has been conceived as an industry standard assessment and certification program to ensure the transformation of a "trainable" workforce into an "employable" workforce, hence creating a robust and continuous pipeline of talent for the IT/Engineering Industry. It is targeted at final year and pre-final year students, who will be seeking employment opportunities in the IT / Engineering sector.

The intent behind assessing these students is to identify the level of talent which is available across India, especially in Tier II and Tier III cities and provide feedback to them on areas they need to work on to improve their employability.


In-depth meetings with the large recruiters in the industry were conducted to understand their recruitment practices, cause of attrition desired skills in a candidate, etc. Based on this, a job-skill matrix was developed which formed the basis for the design of this assessment program. Core and Working Committees from the industry were formed and constant interactions were made to make sure that the program was in line with the industry requirements. An evaluation committee was set up to finalize the vendors and decide on the approach to the pilot. Multi-tier evaluation of the vendors happened after the initial interaction. The identified vendors provided the content and technology to run the test. The companies that have helped develop the assessment program are - TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Cognizant and HCL.

  • Eligibility for NAC-Tech 
    -  Any candidate appearing in 'final year' of BE, B.Tech, MCA, MSc-IT is eligible to take the test
    -  Preferred Scores of candidates: 60 % aggregate in graduation, 12th standard & 10th standard
  • NAC-Tech Test Fee 
    The price per NAC-Tech test is as follows:
    -  Rs. 155 for Part A of the test
    -  Rs. 77 for Part B of the test
    -  Rs. 70 / Rs. 60 for center fee (for infrastructure at retail center or college respectively), if applicable

Part A (this must be attempted by all candidates) 

Competencies Checked
Duration (in mins.)
Mode of delivery
Verbal Ability
To assess candidate's verbal building blocks by evaluating skills like grammar, spellings, punctuations and vocabulary. To assess English usage by evaluating skills like structure, arguments and verbal reasoning.
Reading Comprehension
To assess candidate's comprehension of English passages and ability to make inferences from a large amount of information. Be able to connect the dots and make an assessment based on information and ideas spread across the passage.
Analytical Reasoning
To assess problem solving skills through questions on quantitative reasoning. To assess candidate's logical skills by evaluating skills like Deduction, Induction and Visualization.
Attention to Detail
To assess candidates eye for detail.

total duration
60 mins.

Part B - Optional (can be attempted if the student so desires) 
(The candidate can choose any one of the domains) 

Competencies Checked
Duration (in mins.)
Mode of delivery
To assess candidate's technical skills in the core area of education.

total duration
30 mins.


Job Aspirants / Test Takers
  • A common, transparent recruitment process across IT / Engineering companies.
  • Ability to identify self strengths and weaknesses through test scores.
  • Detailed feedback on their knowledge and skills help them decide career opportunities in different areas of IT.
  • Employment facilitation using NAC-Tech scores.
Educational Institutes
  • Enable the college to generate a quantifiable picture of the knowledge and skill level of its students.
  • Approach industry aggressively and in a more organized way for placement opportunities.
  • Employment generation through increased employability of talent.
  • Help in attracting serious investors.
  • Preparing the students on skills that act as pre-requisites to work in the industry.
  • Will help create a concept of 'education' to 'employability'.
  • Industry gets a pool of pre-assessed candidates mapped against competencies required for entry level professionals.
  • It helps them reach out to a wider geography and access talent from tier II and tier III cities and institutions.

  1. Scores of all NAC-Tech test takers are shared, primarily with all the endorsing companies, and companies directly connect to those who perform well in the NAC-Tech assessment and meet defined job criteria.
  2. NASSCOM, in association with TimesJobs.Com (India's largest employment portal), provides an amazing opportunity to all 'NAC-Tech candidates', which allows the candidate to furnish his/her NAC-Tech scores in the CV on the TimesJobs portal. This gives a prospect to the candidates, from across the regions, to showcase their potential to the employers w.r.t. various skills that they are tested on. The talks are on with other leading employment portals as well. 
    The TimesJobs facility will be available by the end of August 2011.

  • Where does Indian IT industry stand today?
    Indian IT sector continues to grow from strength to strength, witnessing high levels of activity - both onshore as well as offshore. The industry clocked export revenue of US$ 49.7 billion (excluding hardware) in FY 2009-10 registering about 5.5% growth from the previous year. The IT sector also created a little over 100,000 jobs in FY09-10, adding the total employment with the industry to around 2.3 million in the same period.
  • What role do IT companies play in NAC-Tech?
    The test is developed and supported by the NAC-Tech Council comprising of companies that conduct large recruitments like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, HCL and Cognizant. The test identifies the desirable skills in fresh graduates that are essential, indicating their employability.

    During the current phase and the times to come, industry will play a more crucial role in lending credibility / endorsement to the NAC-Tech and will help ensuring that this program gets differentiated amongst other similar products which are available in the market.
  • What are the skills being assessed in NAC-Tech?
    Please see "NAC-Tech Test Matrix" section above
  • What is the minimum educational qualification / eligibility required to participate in the program?
    Please see the eligibility criteria under the section 'Key Features of NAC-Tech'.
  • Are there any training programs / courses that one needs to attend before attempting NAC-Tech?
    Since NAC-Tech encapsulates skills which are generic in nature, NASSCOM does not endorse/recommend any Training or Training Company for the preparation of NAC-Tech. However, there are very many training programs, specific to the foundation skills, which are available across the country that may be attended if found convincing by the candidate.
  • How to participate in the program and take the test?
    The test will be available from August 2011 for candidates.
    The candidate will be able to take the test through:
    • A state is holding the test and is inviting candidates for it A college/university/institute is holding the test for its own students
    • Independently through retail centres (information can be sought by sending a request to nactech@nasscom.in)

  • Does one need to pay for this program?
    Under the first two currently-running models/approaches (as mentioned above), it may/may not require the candidate to pay for the test as this is completely at the discretion of the client organizing for the test (e.g. state / college / university / institute). However, once the retail model comes into play which will enable candidates to take the test independently, candidates will essentially will have to pay the test fee.
  • Will people have access to NAC-Tech from small / tier-II, III cities?
    Retail model will surely cater to small towns/cities. However, currently, with the two above-stated approaches, these towns/cities can still be served by the organizing bodies (i.e. state / college / university / institute).
  • What is the progress on NAC-Tech initiative?
    In pilot phase, NAC-Tech was conducted in 18 states across India and also with few individual colleges/universities with about 23,000+ candidates appearing for it.
    To take this forward, multiple approaches will be looked into to cover the country, schedules regarding which, will be published on the NAC-Tech website time-to-time and shall also be made known to the public through various media sources.
  • Who will own this program going forward?
    NASSCOM, on behalf of the industry, will continue to play the central role. However, the business & governing model of this program, in view of long term, is under consideration.
  • Whom should we contact at NASSCOM for further details?
    For further details on NAC-Tech, please contact Dr. Sandhya Chintala, Senior Director (Education Initiatives) or Ms. Avneet Bajaj, Senior Manager (Education Initiatives) at


With the participation of the Industry Council,
 Edutech and Aptech Assessment and Testing Solutions has been chosen by NASSCOM as the official vendors for holding the NAC –Tech administrations across the country. Under the aegis of NASSCOM, these two vendors can spearhead and conduct NAC-Tech assessment for individual colleges, universities, companies, etc. 

About Edutech 

Edutech is a leading provider of technology & knowledge based solutions and services in the learning space with over 20 years of Industry experience & expertise. By facilitating knowledge enrichment and skills enhancement, Edutech enables academic institutions and corporate organizations to improve performance and meet their learning objectives. As “Learning Specialists”, leveraging its deep industry, technology and product expertise-Edutech establishes personalized learning environment through an optimal blend of learning resources, systems, pedagogy and technology. Edutech helps customers create an environment that fosters a community of continuous learning and improvement.

Over the years, in addition to contributing to enhanced customer performance and improved learning outcomes, Edutech has worked closely with its partners, in providing solutions which have enhanced the experience of the end users. Extending this vision, Edutech has now partnered with NASSCOM in its skill evaluation and competence building initiative through NAC-Tech.

About Aptech Assessment and Testing Solutions 

Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions; a 100% owned subsidiary of Aptech Ltd, offers complete technology based contemporary assessment solutions to institutions and organizations. The parent organization Aptech Limited, pioneer in IT and multimedia training has a rich experience of over 20 years in education and training. Today Aptech is a global learning solutions provider for individuals and corporate, across 10 businesses and 5 continents.

Aptech Assessment & Testing Solutions, an ISO 27001 certified testing service provider, has an experience of more than 7 years in implementing innovative assessments using computer based mode of delivery that enhances performance; ensuring reliability and security in a cost-effective manner. It has a strong pan-India presence through a network of 75 testing centers and more than 40 affiliated test venue partners with a combined capacity of 20,000 computer based assessments in a single session. Since its inception in 2004, it has delivered more than 5 million computer based tests.


For conducting NAC-Tech event, you may please reach us at
 nactech@nasscom.in or connect with the vendors based on the following geographies: 


NAME: Shruthi
email id:

Aptech Assessment and Testing Solutions 

NAME: Rajan Wadhwa
email id:

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Karnataka
  3. Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal
  4. Madhya Pradesh
  5. Rajasthan
  6. Gujarat
  7. Orissa
  8. Bihar, Jharkhand
  9. North Eastern States

  1. Tamil Nadu
  2. Maharashtra, Goa
  3. NCR – Delhi: Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad
  4. Haryana
  5. Punjab
  6. Kerala
  7. West Bengal
  8. Himachal Pradesh
  9. Jammu & Kashmir
For states that do not feature in the above lists, please reach out to us at nactech@nasscom.in.
  1. Sample Paper - PART A
  2. Sample Paper - PART B
For more details click here

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