Friday, December 16, 2011

LAMP Fellowship: Shadow a Member of Parliament
The LAMP (Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament) Fellowship programme was piloted in 2010 to address the research needs of MPs in Parliament.

Organized by: PRS Legislative Research

Location: New Delhi

About the Fellowship Programme: The LAMP Fellowship places one legislative assistant to work with one MP. The LAMP Fellows are engaged full-time with their MP from the beginning of the Monsoon session to the end of the Budget session of Parliament. LAMP Fellows could find themselves researching topics as diverse as defence, food security, environment, economics and foreign affairs. In addition, LAMP Fellows also have an opportunity to get exposed to constituency related matters.

Duration: 11 months

•    Recent graduates from all backgrounds are welcome to apply.
•    Candidate must be 25 years or less at the time of application.
•    Only Indian citizens are eligible for the LAMP Fellowship.

  • The LAMP Fellowship involves a highly competitive selection process, where each application is scrutinized. The application form requires details of the candidate's academic background and work experience. In addition, applicants are required to submit a 500 word statement on why they want to be a LAMP Fellow.
  • Select candidates will be called for an interview. Candidates selected for the Fellowship will be notified soon after.
Apply procedure: The applications will open early next year for Fellowship 2012-13. Check the PRS website and their Facebook pages for details on the application process and relevant deadline. Only online applications will be accepted.

Click here to know more about the Fellowship, to read the testimonials and to get updates.

PRS Legislative Research
Centre for Policy Research
Dharma Marg
New Delhi 110021


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