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Goa Education Trust (GET) Scholarship 2012 @ British Council
Goa Education Trust (GET) was formed by the industrious Dempo and Fomento groups from Goa. It aims to provide scholarships and research fellowships for Goans to do PG in UK.

Sponsored by: British Council

: Goa Education Trust (GET) Scholarship 2012 

: Eligible students will be able to pursue post graduate studies in the United Kingdom in all spheres, fields and departments.

What do the scholarships cover? Full or part tuition fees

Note: All other costs are to be borne by the students.

  • Indian citizen with a valid Indian passport and residing in India at the time of applying for the scholarship
  • Resident in Goa or born of Goan parents
  • Not more than 30 years old at the time of applying for the scholarship
  • Graduate and have excellent academic track record and extra curricular achievement
  • Have confirmed admission for any academic course of study in the UK for up to one year

What is Goan origin/ domicile?

If the applicant is of Goan origin
(Either one of the following documents should be provided along with the application)
  • Documentary proof of birth certificate (born in Goa) of the applicant or any one of his/her paretnts or grandparents
  • Documentary proof of share of the applicant or his/ her parents in an ancestral property in Goa which is utilized as the family’s residence or business premises.

If the applicant holds a Goan domicil
(Any one of the following documents should be provided along with the application)
  • Copy of the domicile certificate issued by the Goa Government
  • Documentary proof of residence/ education/ employment of the applicant in Goa for at least 10 years
  • Documentary proof of residence/education/employment in Goa of any one of the parents of the applicant for at least 15 years
How to applyClick here to apply online

Application deadline: May 15, 2012

Click here to view all details 

GET Scholarships
British Council Division
British Deputy High Commission
901, 9th Floor, Tower1, One Indiabulls Centre, 841,
Senapati Bapat Marg,
Elphinstone Road (West),
Mumbai - 400 013

Phone: +91-22-67486748

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