Friday, June 03, 2011

Getting that job

Writing a CV

A well presented CV is your key to getting an interview. Employers receive hundreds of CVs, they make snap decisions on whether or not to interview you based on its appearance and content. So, how do you put together a CV that will get you an interview?
Content and presentation
Your CV is the tool you use to market or 'sell' your skills and abilities to an employer. It is your chance to show them that you are the right person for the job.

Some golden rules

  • keep it brief - no more than two sheets of A4. Imagine an employer with a big pile of CVs to read - less is definitely more!
  • you do not need to put 'CV' or 'Curriculum Vitae' at the top - it is obvious what it is, so use that space for your name instead
  • include only relevant and current information, and give the most important information first
  • do not be tempted to bend the truth - employers are checking information more carefully now, so you will only get caught out
  • use active verbs which highlight your achievements, such as 'achieved', 'organised', 'produced' and 'designed'
  • make sure it is easy to read with space between each section
  • avoid large areas of text - use note form instead of long sentences. Break up text with bullet points
  • print your CV on white A4 paper and stick to just one style and font, avoid gimmicky or flashy formats
  • check your grammar and spelling - then check and double-check again!
  • ask someone to check it through for you and get help with your word processing if you need it
  • print out a copy of your CV to keep yourself. A potential employer will use your CV to form interview questions, so it's useful to remind yourself of what you've written!

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